Choosing a driving school is a very meticulous task, since there are many offers in the market, but not all of them are good, hence, you must pay attention to certain criteria that you must attend before enrolling in any of the existing ones, remember that what you are looking for is to really learn to drive, so that when the day of the practical test arrives, you can demonstrate all your power and pass the exam. So, if you want to get your license and be a good driver, consider the following tips to select a driving school near me:

Check the instructors’ accreditation

The driving school teachers must have an accreditation that recognizes them as people capable of teaching how to drive and provide drivers ed, therefore, take care to check the legality of the driving school and the quality of the teachers who teach there.

Check the percentage of approved students

Consult with people who have already studied there, ask the current students what has been the experience in the driving school, so you can decipher if it is indeed a good center of instruction according to the opinions collected.

Do not get carried away by the super-offers

There is a popular adage that says “cheap, expensive”, sometimes, because you are looking for the economy, you fall into a cheap driving school, but with little prestige or recognition, where there may not be professionals in the area who use the strategies of proper teaching so that you learn to be a good driver.

Follow these tips to select a driving school , have a good driving school is essential to be an excellent driver, not only prepare for the test, prepare to drive well always, since, of this, depend your safety and that of those around you or accompany on the road.

Keep in mind that a driving school is, above all, a business that provides a public service. Like a bar or a bookstore. And, as in all businesses, there is a bit of everything. Some driving schools will be truly involved in providing a useful service, training future drivers in road safety . However, others will try to provide the right drivers ed to get the money according to the law of minimum effort. Today I intend to see how we can discern if a driving school interests us because it belongs to the first group. Therefore, the first step is precisely to go to inform us .

Normally we will be met by a secretary (or secretary), who will inform us of the rates and operation of the driving school. It is important to listen, and ask the right questions, since we will make the decision based on what you tell us . Of course, if we know a recent alumni, his opinion will always be useful.

Often, they will promise us speed. “The theoretician in 15 days”. It is not intrinsically bad to have a fast card, but it can be very negative in our lives as drivers if that speed also implies having large gaps. These promises are an advertising technique that takes advantage ofthe student’s desire to have the card as soon as possible , but in the end they represent a business philosophy – in my opinion – something dishonest with the student. For starters, most driving schools hire theoretical teaching in a flat rate for a full year: that is, they charge the same whether you take it out in 15 days or in six months. Therefore, the sooner they leave, the sooner there will be room for more students.

On the other hand, rapid education can be useful for passing the exam, but it will not complete the training of the future driver. If we arrive at the first practice without knowing how to act before a stop without visibility, then we must learn it in practice . And the practical classes if they are paid at a fixed amount per hour. The more we learn in theory, the less practical we will need, saving money.

It is very important to ask how the theorist is taught. In most driving schools, access to a web page (often outsourced) is offered with alarge collection of test tests . Both in own computers of the driving school, as from our home, is a very useful resource to practice.However, there are other driving schools that only present this resource to the student during the theoretical. Again, I consider this a questionable practice, since in fact the student is paying the driving school for a service offered by another company, without any effort on the part of its staff. In fact, it would be simpler and cheaper for the student to sign up to that page individually.

The tests are a splendid complement to learning, but by themselves they are not enough. Thus, a point to take into account when selecting a driving school is to offer face-to-face theory classes . Most do it in two or three different schedules throughout the day. They can even offer intensive courses (several consecutive class hours) on weekends.

Another interesting question to ask is the availability at the time of beginning the practices , once the theoretical one is approved. If the teachers are up to work, we may have to wait weeks or months before we can start. Also in the theoretical, a little crowded classrooms will allow a more personified teaching.

Finally, something that can be difficult to find out beforehand, it is very useful to know the personality of the staff . Someone with whom one can get along, and who is going to be actively involved in your learning, will be a much better teacher than someone who simply complies with the file. In case of doubt between two establishments when looking for driving school near me, we can always ask for the opportunity to attend a theoretical class as listeners. It would allow us to get to know the teacher, the mechanics of the classes, and get to the idea of ​​which is our best option.