The following questions and hints should help you to find the right answer to your question on the best truck driving schools.

Location, equipment and reputation of the driving school

Several factors play a role here. At present, there is no objective seal of approval that confirms the quality of the training.

But you can get important information about “your” driving school before you register:

  1. What do friends and acquaintances report about this driving school?
  2. Is it a driving school with style, also in terms of appearance?
  3. Are the classroom and the vehicles maintained?
  4. Is the classroom easy for you to reach? Are the evening classes for theoretical lessons?
  5. The classroom is equipped with comfortable chairs and tables equipped?
  6. Does the classroom look clean and neat?
  7. If several temporary driving instructors are employed and must therefore be accompanied by a frequent change of driving instructor? That has an effect usually negative.
  8. Is the driving school a member of the driving instructor association?

The classroom should be equipped and maintained with comfortable chairs and tables. You should also ask yourself if several temporary driving teachers are employed and you have to expect a frequent change of teachers. Driving instructors should be compassionate educators with more than 25 years of experience, and chemistry should be right between learner drivers and driving instructors. In rogue driving schools is advertised with self-calculated test results, so you should inquire whether the numbers come from objective sources.

Theory test

In the theory exam, pure questionnaire teaching is not allowed, there should be a traceable training plan for the theory training and should be taught according to this lesson plan. The theme plans are always created on a monthly basis and handed out to each learner driver, who can then view the plans on the homepage of the driving school. Every learner should have the opportunity to attend theory classes free of charge and without obligation before concluding the contract. The theory lesson should be offered at least twice a week, the lessons should be interesting and instructive designed, so before a taster trial agree. As mentioned above, only questionnaires are inadmissible and pedagogically very bad. In the classroom, modern media such as DVD, PC learning systems are used and the driving instructors should always respond to questions from the students. The driving instructor should not only make the rules clear to the students, but also teach traffic behavior.

Practical training

In practical training, there should be a traceable training plan for driver education and training according to this curriculum. The driving instructor should keep records of each driving lesson and the driving lessons should be followed by a briefing and debriefing based on the recordings. In addition, it should be ensured that all driving lessons can be completed with the same driving instructor. The driving instructor should devote himself completely to the learner during the driving lessons and not make private calls by phone. In addition, the driving instructor should not carry out driving lessons that are linked to private shopping. Agreed appointments should be adhered to punctually by the instructor and vehicles should never be changed, because the student then always has to get used to a newer vehicle. The overland and lighting trips should be designed so that particularly safety-relevant learning content and difficult traffic operations can be practiced. When driving on the highway should not only be broken through, there should also be a well-coordinated and balanced program.

Good driving schools offer good advice. One will take time for you and respond to you. This also creates a pleasant personal contact. If the first consultation is going well, then there is some evidence that you will take good care of yourself later in this driving school.

Is it important for you on which vehicles you want to learn? Then you should inquire about it before. It does not make much sense if you do not feel comfortable in the driving school vehicle.

The fact that in a particular driving school allegedly particularly little driving lessons are made, does not necessarily have to be an indication of the quality of training, rather it is the other way round. By the way: motorists like to talk about how few driving lessons they supposedly took, because that is generally considered a good driver – but who can verify it? Advance packages offered by the driving school (»driver’s license with so many driving hours including examinations«) are in any case not permitted and also contradict the individual aptitude of the learner.

But the safest tip is still this: Find out in your circle of acquaintances under former driving students, what experiences they have made with this and that driving school and the driving instructor. These first-hand reviews are worth gold. But also check whether the expectations you have of having a good education match the expectations of your friends. Because maybe you do not want to “get into the exam as quickly as possible” or you prefer a quiet driving instructor rather than a “cool” one?

Another aspect is the entire offer of the driving school. If you are looking into the future and, for example, thinking about a later truck driver’s license, it might be a good idea to shortlist such driving schools as the driver’s license, which can also offer other license classes. The same applies, of course, for the motorcycle license, if you cannot or do not want to learn car and motorcycle together. Incidentally, especially in the motorcycle sector, there are very dedicated and extremely competent driving schools, which have made a correspondingly good name among the local motorcyclists.

How often does the driving school teach theory? Too often would be just as unfavorable as too rare, because the pace of learning must eventually fit into your personal everyday routine. What use four classes a week, if you can only come every other evening and missed the other two lessons…

Eventually, sign up only where you feel you are in the best hands, even if you would otherwise have to pay less at some point. The bottom line is then, even in the driving school with the higher prices, probably cheaper.