Taking out your driver’s license does not have to be expensive if you choose the center well, and, of course, if you take it seriously. For convenience, many times we choose the one we have closest to our house, although it is not the most recommended. The most important thing is that you ask for references, ask for timetables and prices and pay attention to the offers and promotions, including the small print of them.


Never sign a contract with a driving school without having read it carefully. Check that the contract contains the corresponding offer and the prices are clear, the enrollment, the theoretical classes, practices and the material you need. Everything else is
yours. If you apply, you’ll get it the first time.


Points to select a good driving school:

· Experiences of friends and family: “Word of mouth” advertising is usually the most helpful. In fact, sometimes people go to a driving school, so they have recommended a friend or family member.

However, remember that not all people are the same and we like the same things, so we recommend that you make sure that
the driving school that has advised you, has several professionals, so that you can decide with whom you can get along better.

· The information: Once you go to the driving schools that you have decided to visit, ask for all the information you need and do not stay with any questions.

In the driving school they should inform you of the theoretical prices and the practical classes. They should also guide you on the opening and closing times, as well as the explanations.

Remember that it is not good to go to a driving school where they leave you in the classroom or only have a fixed time of explanation, because …. And if you can not you go at that time?

It is important that they are with you and help you understand some concepts.

· Prices: Ask the prices of all services, it is important that you do not have doubts about them, so they do not increase it by surprise.

It is very common that at the first contact they tell you a very attractive price, and then concepts that you did not know
appear. Value the price, but you must also assess the quality of the service.

· Theoretical classes: In the theoretical classes it is very important that you check the quality of them. Remember that it is very common for students to be left alone in the classroom, and you are paying to be helped. The theoretical classes are as necessary and important as the practical classes. So, it demands quality training from the beginning. It must include the reasoned explanation of the subject, so that you can understand and assimilate it perfectly.

Ask if you can attend a free day to test if you like it or not. If they say no to you, – distrust.

· Qualified teachers: A driving school in conditions must have a staff of duly qualified and qualified teachers.

· Vehicles: When learning to drive the vehicle in which you will learn to drive is very important. It will be easier to learn
to drive a new vehicle, than a vehicle with many years.


· Schedules: It is important that the driving school has flexibility of schedule so that when learning to drive you can combine your studies or work with the driving school.


If the driving school has an offer, you must make sure that it is faithfully reflected in the contract. It is very useful to save the advertising with the offer along with the copy of the contract. Try to make sure that the concepts and amounts charged to you are
those specified in the contract. Always ask for proof of all payments you make.


All driving schools are required to have claim sheets available to students. Do not hesitate to use them if necessary. It is the only way to record a complaint. As a student, you can freely demand the conditions offered in the advertising brochures of the driving schools. If you consider that these do not conform to what was announced, inform the provincial association of driving schools and the consumer services of your autonomous community. Remember that neither the driving school nor the Traffic Department can force you to take the exam. Examining yourself is totally voluntary and personal.