About Us

Is it necessary for me to stay while you are cleaning my house?

It is obvious that you are busy in your work or daily life. Probably, that’s why you are hiring us to clean your property because you cannot get enough free time. We are a reputable cleaning company and you can trust us and provide access to your property whenever you want to clean your house.

How can I keep my house ready for a cleaning job?

It is highly recommended to collect your household products like toys and clothing. We work to clean a house as effectively as possible. We focus on every part of your property so that we can remove all the stains and mess effectively.

What type of cleaning services we offer?

• We collect and remove the clutter or organize it. • We do laundry, iron and fold. • We do the dishes. • Fireplace cleaning. • Cleaning toys. • We thoroughly clean the drapes or curtains by dusting or vacuuming them. • Dusting television sets and other screens. You can also hire us to clean the internal portion of the kitchen appliances. You need to inform us before you make an appointment for the cleaning work. Inform us about all your demands and we can reserve the necessary time to help you in cleaning your house.

Can I cancel and reschedule the cleaning service?

We understand sometimes you may need to deal with some unexpected situations. If there is an emergency situation and first you want to deal with it, let us know about the issue. You can inform us before 48 hours of the cleaning schedule to switch the time. If you cancel the cleaning service on a short notice, you may need to pay a small cancelation fee.

How much time our crew takes to arrive your location?

We usually take 15-30 minutes to arrive your location. The time may change due to a short-notice cancellation. You can reschedule the appointment and then our crew will visit your house to clean it. If there is any emergency or delay, our customer executives inform you quite soon so that you can be prepared for the new cleaning schedule.